How can I specify the location on the page where a popup should appear?

Specifying Popup Location on Page


If you’re using a popup on your website to engage with your visitors, it’s important to ensure that it appears exactly where you want it to.


Here’s how you can specify the location on your webpage where a popup should appear:

  1. Navigate to Popup Manager: You can find this in the right navigation menu.

  2. Switch to ‘My Campaigns’: Locate the popup you want to edit.

  3. Find the ‘Location’ Field: In the popup settings, look for the ‘Location’ field. This is where you can set the location on the page where your popup should appear.

  4. Choose the Location: You can choose to display your popup at various locations on your page such as the center, bottom right, bottom left, top right, or top left. Select the option that best suits your needs.

  5. Save Your Changes: After you’ve chosen the location,  save your changes.

Your popup will now appear at the specified location on your page.

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