How can I set the time when my popup appears to the user?

Control when your popup appears to the user.


Engage your users at the right moment  by setting when your popup appears to them. This allows you to tailor your user’s experience and ensure that your popups are timely and relevant.


Here’s how you can set the time when the popup appears to the user:

  1. Navigate to the Popup Manager: From the right navigation menu in your Faqprime dashboard, go to the Popup Manager.

  2. Find the Popup You Want to Modify: In the ‘My Campaigns’ section, locate the popup you wish to edit.

  3. Set the Trigger Time: Look for the ‘Trigger Time’ option in the popup settings. This is where you can set the delay (in seconds) after which the popup should appear once the user lands on the page.

  4. Save Your Changes: After you’ve set your preferred trigger time, save your changes.

Now, your popup will appear to the user at the time you’ve specified. 

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