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Your Customers Want to Self-Serve — It’s Good For Them And Good For You

Improve Sales via Faqprime

Increase Conversion

Grow online sales, leads, bookings or mailing list signups with sales and support assistant & hotspot.

  • Lead generation
  • Intent based messaging
  • Social proof
  • Reduce support tickets via faqprime

    Reduce Support Tickets

    Intelligently surface relevant content to instantly resolve issues and deflect 50% of customer tickets

  • Contextual helper
  • Product helper
  • Integration
  • improve user engagement via faqprime

    Boost User Engagement

    Positioned anywhere on your page, assistant or Hotspots provide instant prompts to inline help.

  • Contextual Intelligence
  • Hotspots/tooltips
  • Rich media
  • Get more sales & reduce support tickets without changing your product or workflow.

    Analyse and Optimize

    Dive into reports and see how your users are engaging with your help content and what is missing.


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    What customers say about us

    When you look at our metrics, you can tell the exact day that Faqprime went live, because support tickets in no time went south and sales conversion towards north. More, the Faqprime’s search intelligence gave us insights about user friction and helped us improve the UX

    Saurabh Goel (CDO@Adda247)

    We came across Faqprime while looking for a tool that could help us organize FAQs. However, faqprime turned out to be much more than that.

    Pragya Batra (Founder@Quirksmith)

    Somebody from US searched "interview as a service" on Google, landed on our page, scheduled meeting yesterday and we we are signing agreement today.