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Product help docs
Self-service knowledge base for your SaaS products.
Tech Documentation
Create  API docs, system docs, and release notes.
Centralize all your knowledge in one place.
Private knowledge base
Make your knowledge base private with login authentication for employees or clients.

1. Never start with a blank page again

Let Faqprime AI with cruise mode create the first draft of your knowledge base including content.

2. Make it look and feel like your brand

Use your own domain, upload your logo, match your brand colors, customize your header and footer navigation with links, buttons, or social icons.

3. Ask AI to write content

Use Faqprime AI-assist to rewrite/rephrase a question, generate an answer, or find key points to write about.

4. Generate questions from your chat history

Import your chat conversation history so that the question generator can recognize and suggest common questions to create answers for.

5. Keep your knowledge base up-to-date

Use Faqprime’s question suggestions and article performance metrics to determine what content to add, improve or remove.

What our users have to say.

Faqprime's AI-powered knowledge base builder makes knowledge base creation easy and effortless.

  •  Unlimited content
  •  SEO ready
  •  5 MB drive
  •  Question generator
  •  AI-Assist 
  •  Powerful Editor
  •  Intent keywords
  •  Extremly customizable
  •  Free SSL
  •  Analytics
  •  Custom Domain
  •  Google-like search
  •  Youtube/Vimeo/Loom integration
  •  Custom HTML
  •  Google suite integration
  •  Multi-language support
  •  And many, many more
  •  ScoutAI (Search)

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550 companies started a trial in the last month

Product Help Docs

Build a world-class, self-service knowledge base for your SaaS products.