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Faqprime HelpOS has everything you need to elevate your Product Experience – knowledge base, self-service, in-app  contextual support, user onboarding, , announcements, training, feedback & more delivered as a single application.

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Trusted by over 5.4K businesses.

Unlock the value of your product faster for your users and employees.

Get new users up to speed with personalized onboarding tours and checklists from inside your product itself – while guiding them to value faster. Faqprime Personalized User Onboarding
Intelligently & proactively resolve common questions with personalized FAQs and smart search capabilities inside your product. Facilitate actions with segmentation and breadth of automations & integrations. Faqprime-contextual-self-help_helpbot

Increase feature adoption, event sign-ups, and more. Create in-app walkthroughs, changelog, notifications, and prompts to introduce users to new product features.

Send in-app surveys, feedback, and NPS to your users when they’re actively using the product and gather valuable insights. Use the results to deliver a better product experience.
Deliver personalized product education at scale. Comes integrated with YouTube, Vimeo, Loom, Vidyard, daily motion, and Amazon S3. Supports PDF and Docs too.
Announce your latest product releases, new features, improvements, news, and more. No developer resources are required.
Launch a beautifully designed, SEO-ready knowledge base to match your brand. Use your own custom domain. Comes with a free SSL.

Great experiences lead to even greater results.

Faqprime HelpOS gives you wings


increase in user activation


increase in user retention rate


reduction in support workload

Built for endless uses. Across your software.

Segmentation & Targeting

Target the right customer with the right help at the right time based on:

  • User role
  • User cohorts
  • Action taken
  • Events
  • Metric
  • Language
  • Geography
  • Page URL

Make it look and feel like your brand

Build beautiful experiences to match your brand. Simple to get started.

  • Use your custom CSS
  • Use your own fonts
  • Upload your logo
  • Use your own domain

Integrates with your tech stack

Connect your tech stack to send data into Faqprime or push data out of Faqprime.

  • Analytics
  • Scheduling
  • Forms
  • Zapier
  • Videos
  • Helpdesk
  • Live chat

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