How can I choose the devices on which my popup should be displayed?

Choosing devices for popup display.


Selecting the devices for your popup display allows you to target your audience more effectively, ensuring that your popup aligns with their browsing habits.


Here’s how you can choose the devices on which your popup should be displayed:​

  1. Navigate to the Popup Manager: From the right navigation menu in your Faqprime dashboard, navigate to the Popup Manager.

  2. Locate the Popup You Want to Edit: In the 'My Campaigns' section, find the popup that you want to modify.

  3. Select the Devices: In the ‘Device Type ’ field, select the devices on which you want your popup to be displayed. You can choose to display your popup on all devices, or select specific ones such as desktops, or mobile phones.

  4. Save Your Changes: After you’ve made your selection, save your changes.

Your popup will now only be displayed on the devices you’ve chosen.

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