How can I customize the image popup?

Learn to personalize the appearance of the image popup to align with your brand.


Customizing the image popup allows you to update the popup and tailor the visual presentation to align with your brand identity.


Steps to customize the image popup:

  1. Navigate to Popup Manager: You can find this in the right navigation menu.

  2. Switch to ‘My Templates’: Locate the popup you want to edit.

  3. Customize your popup:

    • Campaign Name: This helps you identify your popup.

    • Trigger Time: This sets how long a user needs to be on the page before the campaign starts.

    • Recurrence: This sets how often the campaign can be seen again (in minutes).

    • Segmentation List: This is the list of segments where this campaign is available.

    • Frequency: How often the campaign is available (daily/ weekly/ monthly).

    • Device Type: Which devices will display the campaign (Desktop/ Mobile/ Both).

    • Location: Where the popup will appear on the screen.

  4. Replace the existing image: You can choose a new image from your computer or select one from your media library. Make sure you follow these best practices while selecting your image.

  5. Set your target: This is the function or page that will open when the image is clicked.

  6. Add/Remove URLs from the list: Make a list of URLs where this popup will appear.

  7. Finalize your popup: In the last step, decide where the popup should be displayed. Remember, the template must be set to 'Active' to work.

  8. Click ‘Save’ and you’re all set!

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