My image popup is appearing pixelated or distorted. How can I fix this?

Troubleshoot issues related to image quality in your popups.


An image appearing pixelated or distorted in the popup can distract from the overall user experience. Addressing this issue requires optimizing the image for display within the popup window.


Steps to Fix Pixelated or Distorted Image Popup:

  1. Check the image: Start by checking the resolution of the original image. It should be suitable for display within the popup window. There are no set dimensions for the image, it’s completely up to you and the image you have uploaded.

  2. Resize or crop: If needed, resize or crop the image to fit within the dimensions of the popup. This will prevent the image from stretching or distorting.

  3. Save the image: Save the image in the appropriate file format (like JPEG or PNG). PNG might be best for images with few colors, while a JPEG might be better for photographs. Make sure to use a sufficient level of compression to reduce file size without compromising image quality.

  4. Upload the image: Next, upload the optimized image to your website’s media library. Then, replace the existing image in the popup with the optimized version.

If the issue persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

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