How can I highlight a special promotion on my website?

Using an image popup to highlight a special promotion or offer.


Highlighting a special promotion on your website is crucial for attracting attention and driving conversions. By strategically placing an image popup, you can effectively draw visitors' focus to your promotion.


Steps to highlight a special promotion on your website:

  1. Log into Faprime: Start by logging into your Faprime account.

  2. Create a New Popup: Navigate to the “Popups” section and click on “Create New Popup”. Choose “Image Popup” as the type of popup you want to create. Here is a detailed walkthrough.

  3. Design Your Popup: Design an image that highlights your special promotion. This image should include any necessary text such as “Limited Time Offer!” or “Get 30% Off Now!”. This image will be used as your popup.

  4. Set the Display Rules: Determine the conditions under which your popup should appear on your website. You can configure it to appear after a visitor has spent a certain amount of time on your site. You can also set its appearance to certain pages of your website.

  5. Set the Target URL: Assign a target URL to your image popup. This means that when visitors click on the image, they will be redirected to this URL. Set this URL to lead to the page where visitors can avail the special promotion.

  6. Activate Your Popup: Once you’re satisfied with your popup and its settings, you can activate it by changing its status to ‘Active’. It will now start appearing on your website according to the display rules you’ve set.


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