Can I control the size of the video in the popup?

Learn how to adjust the dimensions of the video within the popup to ensure an optimal viewing experience.


Controlling the size of the video in your popup allows you to tailor its appearance and ensure an optimal viewing experience for your visitors.


Here’s how you can adjust the video size in your popup using Faqprime:

  1. Navigate to Popup Settings. In your Faqprime dashboard, go to the “Popups” section and select the popup you want to edit.
  2. Adjust Video Size. Look for the “Video Width” setting. Here, you can adjust the width of your video. The height of your video will update automatically to maintain the aspect ratio.
  3. Save Your Changes. Once you’re happy with the size of your video, click “Save”.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully customized the size of your video in your popup. 

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