Creating a Dashboard on Fullstory

In Fullstory, Dashboard is a custom visualization of data or numbers. Compare a specific metric, grouped by specific attributes. Dashboards are perfect for answering questions about the most popular browsers, URLs, or top UTM campaigns.

How to create a Dashboard on Fullstory:

  • Navigate “Dashboard” on the Home page in the Library section
  • On the dashboard page Click on ” New Dashboard”
  • Click on “Add a card”
  • Select a card and add a card to a dashboard
  • Name the ” Card ” you have selected
  • Add “Metric and Events” on the metrics dashboard
  • Save your Metrics by clicking on “Save Metric”
  • Your new Metric will appear on your Dashboard.
  • Continue adding visualization cards including Metric, Funnels, and Page Flow cards to build out your Dashboard

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