Creating a workspace on Notion

How to create a new workspace on Notion From any page, find the current workspaces name and click on it Click on the three dots to open more options Click on “Join or create workspace” Select the type of use of this workspace Name the workspace and invite more people on the next step The… Continue reading Creating a workspace on Notion

Creating tasks on Notion

Creating tasks on Notion

Notion provides users the ability to create their own task management system. Users can select different views where they can sort the tasks according to the date, month, latest tasks and urgent tasks.

Creating a document on Notion

Notion help users keep all the notes, build the databases that store them, and create dynamic links between notes & projects.

Sign-up flow on notion

sign up flow on Notion

Notion helps users think, write, plan, schedule tasks, manage projects, save documents, set reminders, keep agendas, and organize their work.

Accepting invitation on Baremetrics

Users can set a password after they have received an invitation from Baremetrics. The process is very straightforward and no information is asked from the user that is invited.

Inviting people on Baremetrics

Baremetrics provides unlimited users access to an organization on all plans

Forecasting on Baremetrics

Forecast allows you to project your net revenue, customer count, and MRR over the next year based on your current metrics.

Customer data on Baremetrics

Baremetrics helps you see where your customers are located, what plan are they on, failed payments, and every other transaction with other customer profiles.

Analytics on Baremetrics

Metrics, dunning, engagement tools, and customer analytics are all available at Baremetrics. MRR, ARR, LTV, total number of customers, total expenses, quick ratio, and other indicators can be monitored by Baremetrics.

Setting goals on Baremetrics

Set goals to track your progress towards achieving your target. You can use the forecasting tool to see where your metrics are headed and set achievable goals.