12 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Help Center

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12 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Help Center

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This blog will provide you with guidance on how to create a successful help center. From identifying customer needs and expectations to designing helpful content and setting up FAQs, learn the 12 Do's and Don'ts for a successful help center.

Table of Contents

At Faqprime, we believe that having a help center is essential for any business. After all, when customers can find the answers they need instantly, it helps them feel supported and keeps them coming back.

That being said, there are certain do’s and don’ts that should be kept in mind when it comes to setting up and maintaining a help center.


1. Create a Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a great way to organize your help center and make it easier for customers to find the information they’re looking for. It should include topics and articles that span a range of different customer service topics.

2. Design an easy navigation system

A help center should be easy to navigate. Make sure you create a simple and intuitive navigation system that customers can quickly find their way around.

3. Provide search functionality

A good help center should have a powerful search function. When constructing your help center, make sure to include relevant keywords that customers can search for. This will give them better results and help them find what they need quickly and easily.

4. Offer self-service options

Self-service options are invaluable for customers who want to quickly and easily find the answers they need. Consider offering self-service options such as FAQs, chatbots, and tutorials.

5. Make use of videos and images

Visuals are a great way to engage customers and make your help center more appealing. Make sure to use videos and images wherever possible to help explain concepts and make your help center more user-friendly.

6. Feature customer success stories

Nothing is more impactful than hearing success stories from real customers. Feature customer success stories to help build trust and encourage customers to reach out for help.

7. Monitor and measure performance

Analytics are essential for understanding how your help center is being used. Monitor customer feedback, user engagement, and response times to ensure your help center is providing the best customer service.

8. Do be proactive

It’s important to be proactive when it comes to customer support. Make sure to listen to customer feedback and use it to make your help center better.

9. Create user-friendly content

The content in your help center should be easy to understand and navigate. Make sure to make use of plain language and simple visuals to ensure customers can quickly find the answers they need. Also, your help center should be regularly updated to ensure that customers have the most accurate and up-to-date information available to them.

10. Utilize automation

Automated solutions such as chatbots, self-service portals, and intelligent search can help improve the customer experience and reduce the amount of time your support team spends answering questions.

11. Provide multiple contact options

Offering multiple support channels such as email, telephone, and live chat will ensure that your customers can reach you and get help in the most convenient way for them.

12. Have an FAQ section

An FAQ section on your help center provides customers with instant access to the most commonly asked questions and answers. This can save time for both your customers and your support team.


1. Don’t forget to categorize the content

Categorizing your help center content will make it easier for customers to find what they need. It’s also a good idea to create a searchable index of all the topics in your help center.

2. Don’t forget to link related topics

Linking related topics and content can be a huge help for customers who are still searching for answers. This also helps make your help center more comprehensive.

3. Don’t forget to include a feedback option

It’s important to listen to your customers and take their feedback into account when making changes to your help center. This can be a great way to identify areas where the help center can be improved.

4. Don’t forget to personalize the help center

Personalizing your help center can be a great way to make customers feel more connected to the product or service that they are trying to use.

5. Don’t forget to localize the help center

Localizing your help center to make it available in multiple languages can make it easier for customers from different parts of the world to find the answers that they need.

6. Don’t overload your customers with too much information

Too much information can actually be overwhelming for customers and make it difficult for them to find what they are looking for.

7. Don’t neglect the design of your help center

Design plays an important role in creating a successful help center. Make sure to use appealing visuals, easy-to-navigate menus, and concise content.

8. Don’t just focus on product information

While product information is important, make sure to also provide helpful tips and how-to articles to keep customers engaged.

9. Don’t forget about security

A secure help center is essential for protecting your customers’ confidential information. Make sure to use the latest security measures to keep your help center safe and secure.

10. Don’t overload your help center

Your help center should not be overloaded with too much content. Keep content concise and to the point.

12. Don’t forget about mobile

Ensure that your help center is optimized for mobile platforms, as many customers will be using their smartphones to access your help center.

12. Don’t forget to test your help center

Testing your help center to ensure that it is functioning properly is essential. Otherwise, customers may become frustrated and unable to find the answers that they need.

With Faqprime, you can easily set up, manage and track your help center. Get started today and take your customer support to the next level.

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