How can I organize tours for different website pages?

Managing Multiple Tours



Organizing tours for different website pages is an effective way to enhance the user experience. By providing tailored guidance, you can help users navigate your site more effectively.

Let’s dive into how you can create multiple product tours:

  1. Identify Your Pages: Start by identifying the various pages on your website that you want to create tours for. Each page likely serves a unique purpose and may require a different tour. Consider key landing pages, feature-specific pages, or any other relevant sections.
  2. Create Tours for Each PageIn your Product Tour settings, create a separate tour for each page. Follow these steps:
    1. Access Product Tours: Navigate to your Product Tour management page.

    2. Add a New Tour: Click the ‘+’ icon to create a new tour.

    3. Specify the URL: In the blank field, add the URL of the page you want to create a tour for. This ensures that the tour is associated with the correct content.

  3. Customize Your Tours: Now that you’ve set up tours for each page, it’s time to customize them:
    • Tailor the Content: Customize each tour to match the content and purpose of its respective page.

    • Steps: Add relevant steps to guide users through specific actions.

    • Multimedia Elements: Incorporate images, videos, or interactive elements where appropriate.

    • Calls to Action: Encourage users to take desired actions (e.g., sign up, explore features, make a purchase).

  4. Click on Save: Save the tours by clicking on the 'Save' button.



  • Single Presence per URL: Each URL can have only one presence in your tours. If you submit the same URL multiple times, the duplicate will be automatically removed.

  • On-Demand Onboarding: The onboarding function is executed only when you call the faqbotStartOnboarding(id) function. Use this strategically to provide targeted assistance to users.

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