How do I add multimedia elements like videos and images to my tours?

Adding multimedia content to your product tours


 Multimedia elements like videos and images can significantly improve the user experience of your Faqprime product tours.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can do it:

  1. Create a New Question in Your Knowledgebase: Start by logging into your Faqprime account. Click on the ‘Add New Question’ button to create a new question. This question will act as a placeholder for the multimedia content you wish to add to your tour.

  2. Set the Visibility to Unlisted: Once you’ve added the multimedia content to your question, change its visibility to ‘Unlisted’. This ensures that the question isn’t publicly visible in your knowledgebase but can still be utilized in your product tour.

  3. Add Multimedia Content to the Answer: In the answer field of your question, you can add various multimedia content. This includes images, videos, buttons, iframes, and more.

  4. Adjust the Multimedia Element: After uploading or embedding the multimedia element, you can adjust its size and position to fit your needs.

  5. Save the Content: After adding the multimedia content and setting the visibility, remember to save the content.

  6. Copy the Question ID: Once you’ve saved the question, copy its unique question ID.

  7. Paste the Question ID in the Product Tour: While recording your product tour, you’ll find a field for the ‘target question ID’. Paste the copied question ID into this field.


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