How can I rerecord a product tour?

Modifying an existing product tour in Faqprime.


If you want to rerecord or modify a product tour in Faqprime, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Faqprime account: Start by logging into your account on the Faqprime website.

  2. Navigate to the Product Tours section: Once you’re logged in, go to the Product Tours section of your dashboard.

  3. Select the Tour: Find the tour you want to rerecord and click on 'Regenerate' button.

  4. Initiate the Product Tour recording: Click the ‘Generate’ button. A new window will open displaying the target URL. Click the ‘Start Onboarding’ button to begin recording the product tour.

  5. Highlight the desired element: Click on the element you wish to highlight during the tour.

  6. Enter the ‘Target Question id’: The content for this question id will be fetched from your knowledge base.

  7. Choose your button text: You have three options for the button text: ‘Next’, ‘Finish’, or ‘Got it’. Click ‘Done’ when you’ve made your selection.

  8. Add Steps to your tour: Begin adding steps to your tour. Each step should spotlight a particular feature or function of your product. You can enhance each step with text, images, or even videos to make it more engaging.

  9. Add a Banner (optional): Click ‘Add Banner’ if you wish to include a banner in your tour.

  10. Finalize the Onboarding: Once you’re satisfied with your tour, click the ‘Finish Onboarding’ button. You’ll be redirected back to the setup page.

  11. Save and Publish your tour: If you’re happy with your tour, click ‘Save’ to publish it. Your users will now be able to access the tour on your website.

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