How do I build a product tour using Faqprime?

Getting started with creating a product tour in Faqprime.


Product Tours help you drive faster adoption of your product across the customer lifecycle. You can build a series of in-app messages to show them around the product, so they can discover the product's value faster.


Follow these steps to create a product tour:

  1. Sign in to your Faqprime account: Visit the Faqprime website and sign in to your account.

  2. Access the Product Tours section: After signing in, navigate to the Product Tours section on your dashboard.

  3. Specify the target page URL: This is the webpage where your product tour will be displayed. It can be any page on your website where you wish to guide your users.

  4. Initiate the Product Tour recording: Click the ‘Generate’ button. A new window will open displaying the target URL. Click the ‘Start Onboarding’ button to begin recording the product tour.

  5. Highlight the desired element: Click on the element you wish to highlight during the tour.

  6. Enter the ‘Target Question id’: The content for this question id will be fetched from your knowledge base.

  7. Choose your button text: You have three options for the button text: ‘Next’, ‘Finish’, or ‘Got it’. Click ‘Done’ when you’ve made your selection.

  8. Add Steps to your tour: Begin adding steps to your tour. Each step should spotlight a particular feature or function of your product. You can enhance each step with text, images, or even videos to make it more engaging.

  9. Add a Banner (optional): Click ‘Add Banner’ if you wish to include a banner in your tour.

  10. Finalize the Onboarding: Once you’re satisfied with your tour, click the ‘Finish Onboarding’ button. You’ll be redirected back to the setup page.

  11. Save and Publish your tour: If you’re happy with your tour, click ‘Save’ to publish it. Your users will now be able to access the tour on your website.


Note: The onboarding function is executed on demand and will only run when the faqbotStartOnboarding(id) function is called.


Learn how to design your tour programmatically:


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