What are the best practices for creating engaging tour content?

Understanding the best way to create a product tour


To create an engaging and helpful product tour, follow a simple process.

Here's are the steps to go about: 

  1. Define the tour's goals - Start by identifying the key objectives of your product tour. What do you want users to accomplish? What features or functionality do you want to highlight? By defining your goals upfront, you'll be able to create a more effective and targeted tour.

  2. Identify the key steps - Once you've defined your goals, break down the tour into a series of steps that will guide users through the tour. Consider the user's perspective and make sure the steps are easy to follow.

  3. Design the tour - Decide on the type of product tour you want to create (tooltip, highlight, modal, or walkthrough) and design the tour's layout, style, and content. Keep in mind that the tour should be engaging and visually appealing, while also being informative and helpful.

  4. Test and iterate - Once the tour is built, test it thoroughly to make sure it's effective. Consider running a small-scale beta test to gather feedback from users, and use that feedback to improve the tour.

  5. Launch the tour - Finally, launch the tour to your users. Consider using user segmentation or targeting to ensure that the tour is presented to the right users at the right time. Track user engagement with the tour and make adjustments as needed to optimize its effectiveness.


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