What options do I have to make the help widget visually appealing to my users?

Customization options for Helpbot's widget


In Faqprime, you have several options to customize the appearance of your Helpbot widget to make it visually appealing and align with your brand’s aesthetics:

  1. Theme and Color Customization: You can choose an accent color that matches your brand’s color scheme. This color will be applied to various components of your HelpBot, including the button and the chat interface.

  2. Customizable Teaser Text: You can customize the teaser text that appears on the HelpBot tab or icon. This allows you to use language that resonates with your users and encourages them to interact with the HelpBot.

  3. Callout Message: You can use a callout message to make the HelpBot button more noticeable to new visitors on your website. This can be particularly useful for drawing attention to new features or important information.

  4. Customizable Location: You can adjust the location of the HelpBot on your page both vertically and horizontally. This allows you to place the HelpBot in a location that is convenient for your users and doesn’t obstruct important content.

  5. Question Pop Out/Expand: You can choose how the HelpBot displays help articles when a user clicks on a question title. The article can either pop out in a new tab or expand within the same tab.


Learn how to customize the look and feel of the help widget here.

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