How do I make sure the help widget is easy to find on my website?

Ensure that the help widget on your website is easy to spot and access, making it simple for visitors to find assistance whenever they need it.


A well-placed, noticeable Helpbot can significantly improve user engagement and make it simple for visitors to find the assistance whenever they need.


Here’s how you can make sure the help widget is easy to find on your website

  1. Positioning: Place the Helpbot in a location where users typically expect to find help - the lower right corner is a common choice.

  2. Color Contrast: Use a color for your Helpbot that contrasts with your website’s color scheme. This makes the Helpbot stand out and easier to spot.

  3. Visibility on Important Pages: Make sure the Helpbot is visible on key pages where users may need assistance, such as product pages, checkout pages, or contact pages.

  4. Proactive Messages: Use callout messages to draw attention to the Helpbot. These can be triggered when a user spends a certain amount of time on a page or performs a specific action.

  5. Educate Your Users: Let your users know about the Helpbot during onboarding or in a welcome email. You can also highlight the Helpbot in a blog post or a dedicated section on your website.

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