Can I customize the checklist items and progress steps?

Learning how to personalize checklist items and progress steps to better serve the specific goals and needs of a task.


Customizing the checklist items and progress steps in your popup can really help guide your users through a process tailored to their needs.


Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to Popup Manager: You’ll find this in your right navigation menu.

  2. Go to My Campaigns: This is where you’ll find the popup you want to customize.

  3. Customize the Checklist Items: In the “Content” section, you can customize the items in your checklist. Each item represents a step in the process or workflow you’re guiding your users through.

  4. Customizing the Popup:

    • Bar Background Color: Choose the color for the background of the popup.

    • Text Color: Select the color of the text.
    • Title Text: Decide on the text that would be written on the top of the checklist.
    • Checklist Width: Set the width of the checklist or leave it as default.
    • Checklist Height: Set the height of the checklist or leave it as default.
  5. Item Configuration: Fill the details of each item in the checklist. Each step should represent a part of the process or workflow you want to guide your users through.
    • Item Text: The text mentioning the step to be completed.
    • Item ID: Write a unique id name for each item. A window function would be called to check the status of this task item with the parameters. This function must return a value between 0 to 1, 1 means task is completed 100% and 0 means 0%. If function is not present then task is assumed to be completed.
    • Item Target Type: Determine upon clicking the item, whether the link will open; in a new window, the same window, or there will be no action.
    • Item Target: Specify the link to which the user would be redirected on clicking the item.
  6. Choose Your URLs: Make a list of URLs where this popup will appear. These are the pages on your website where you want the popup to be displayed.

  7. Save Your Changes: Once you’re happy with your checklist popup, click “Save”.

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