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User interface (UI)

What is the User Interface?

The user interface, or UI, is the face of any application or website. It’s the visual design of the software and how the various parts of the software are presented to a user. The UI is made up of three primary categories:

  1. Layout: The UI layout is the foundation of an app or website’s identity. It includes the structure and spacing of each screen, the placement of core components, the overall design language, transitions between pages and components, and the colors, shapes, fonts, and perspectives that contribute to a cohesive brand. The UI layout is essential in creating a consistent, intuitive experience for users.
  1. Elements: UI elements play a big role in making apps and websites interactive. Common elements include buttons, sliders, dropdown lists, and text fields. With the rising popularity of mobile apps, physical gestures have become an important part of UI design in order to provide users with a more seamless experience.
  1. Graphics: Graphics are visuals that help tell the story of what’s happening on a screen, element, or frame. They can include illustrations, images, videos, and animations.

What does a UI designer do?

A UI designer is responsible for creating and executing the appearance of an app or website. In the world of software, UI designers are commonly called graphic designers. They determine the aesthetic of all the pieces of the UI and communicate a brand to the user. A good UI designer will have a strong understanding of typography, layout, and color theory in order to create a pleasing and effective user interface.

They’re also responsible for making it attractive to users, communicating effectively with users, and fostering a positive relationship between users and the app or website. In addition to that, UI designers must also make sure that the software is easy to use and makes sense both in terms of how the user interface works and in terms of how the layout, elements, and images work together to support the purpose of the app or website.