87% of the users are lost due to bad onboarding experience.

It's no secret that the first few interactions with your product can make or break a user's decision to stick around. - don't risk it!

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All onboarding and product activation form-factors available from a single application. Just plug ‘n’ play.

Take back control of your onboarding metrics

Dominate your product objectives with Faqprime’s onboarding stack. Our focus on measurable outcomes means faster, more effective OKR achievement.

Deliver the best first product impression
Give your users a seamless and unforgettable first experience.
Increase self-activation rate
Get different customer types to complete their respective ‘jobs’ in the product faster.
Reduce time to wow moment
You can reduce the time to the ‘wow moment’ by half, delivering instant satisfaction to your users.
Improve trial to paid conversion rate
Get more value from your paid trials with our expertly crafted onboarding experience.
Increase the average time spent in product
Enhance user experience with longer, more productive product sessions
Improve NPS score and exceed user expectations
Elevate your NPS score with personalized user onboarding.

1. Code-free and refreshingly simple

Faqprime onboarding stack won’t tie up your engineers and designers. Thus, saving hundred of development hours.

2. Build beautiful onboarding flows

Start with a template and customize its CSS as per your brand, add your colors & fonts to ensure brand consistency.

3. Add custom events or triggers

Trigger your tours on a specific event or non-activity or specific in-app actions.

4. Personalize

Personalize your flows as per your user cohorts, user personas, page they are on, device they are using, location, language they speak and more.

5. Everything in actionable insights

Get actionable insights like which tours users like the most, where they drop-off or get stuck. Level-up according to your goals. Integrate with your analytics tools like Mixpanel, GA, Amplitude to get the most of it.

Faqprime is an all-in-one product experience stack. It makes onboarding experience setup super-easy and offers tons of powerful features.

  •  No-code builder
  •  Point ‘n’ click 
  •  Targeting
  •  Segmentation
  •  Templates
  •  AI-Assist 
  •  Extremly customizable
  •  Analytics
  •  Youtube/Vimeo/Loom integration
  •  Google suite integration
  •  Multi-language support
  •  Custom css
  •  And many, many more

Never let a bad onboarding experience drown your product !

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