General browsing on Replit

Get an overview of how to browse Replit. Learn to navigate the platform, explore features, and find resources to enhance your coding experience.

General Browsing on Replit:

  1. Head to your Replit dashboard
  2. You can create a REPL from here
  3. You can import a project from GitHub
  4. You can explore your REPLs from here
  5. You can explore your deployments from here
  6. You can check your usage from here
  7. You can create and explore bounties from here
  8. You can use templates from here
  9. You can add extensions from here
  10. You can see documentation of REPL from here
  11. It will redirect you to this documentation here
  12. You can also create from here
  13. You can search from here
  14. You can create a new REPL from here
  15. You can check notifications from here
  16. You can access further functionalities from here
  17. You can change settings from here
  18. And that’s it!

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