Editing a video on VEED.IO

Discover how to edit your videos on VEED.io. Follow our tutorial to make the most of VEED.io's editing tools.

Editing a Video on VEED.io:

  1. Head to your VEED dashboard
  2. Select your video to start editing
  3. Adjust audio of your video
  4. Adjust the fading option of your video
  5. Adjust the speed of your video
  6. Click on animations to add the animations
  7. Select the animation to apply to your video
  8. You can apply outro animation
  9. You can apply loop animation
  10. You can add transitions to your video
  11. You can separate your video from here
  12. You can add subtitles to your video
  13. You can add audio to your video
  14. You can add text to your video
  15. You can add elements to your video
  16. You can add filters to your video
  17. Click on done
  18. And that’s it!

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