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Digital adoption

What is Digital adoption?

Digital adoption is the process of learning how to use new digital products (software, applications, websites, etc.) so that users (employees and customers) can get the maximum out of a digital solution.

Why Digital adoption is important?

According to research, medium-sized companies and enterprise firms commonly used 137 different SaaS applications.

A strong digital adoption plan helps firms with their digital transformation strategy, enabling them to achieve technology ROI and overall digital innovation.

Purchasing new digital tools for your company can be a daunting task – especially when you have to make sure that they’re not only accepted by your users but that they’re also going to be beneficial for them. When it comes to internal software, you’ll want to evaluate how it can increase employee productivity. As for customers, they’ll be measuring your digital products against multiple business KPIs and (in some cases) standards of product experience. By taking both of these things into consideration, you can be sure that you’re making the best decision for your company – and your users.

Benefits of Digital adoption

The most significant advantage of encouraging digital adoption for your employees and customers is maximizing Return on Investment(ROI) for new technology.

Companies usually adopt digital technology to improve productivity, reduce costs, or solve other business challenges. Successful digital tool adoption goes beyond that and has a positive influence on the entire organization.

Digital adoption occurs when a company has accepted new technology and can receive all of its benefits.

The following are the most significant benefits of digital adoption:

  • Reducing time to value for new customers by helping them.
  • Increasing overall internal efficiency
  • Decreasing technology-related frustration for employees or customers
  • Higher customer and employee satisfaction
  • Reduced costs

How can I increase Digital adoption?

You can increase digital adoption by implementing key features such as onboarding, in-app guidance, and educating users about products and services.

This is when the employees or customers would engage with a software product and develop initial thoughts about it for the first time. A complete and satisfactory user onboarding experience is essential to the successful and general adoption of digital technologies.

Here are six techniques to boost your company’s digital adoption efforts:

  • Effectively communicate to users the potential benefits of the new technology.
  • Use a digital adoption platform to improve onboarding and training.
  • Create a knowledge base and a self-help interface to enable people quickly discover solutions to their questions.
  • Gather feedback during and after onboarding to determine how to enhance the process.
  • Analyze user activity to see where employees or customers are getting stuck.