Customizing Space on Click-Up

Make your ClickUp Space uniquely yours. Customize it to suit your workflow and preferences.

Create Dashboard Using Template on Click-Up

  • Head to your workspace
  • Click on the 3 dots beside your Space name ➡ Space Settings opens
  • Click on “Create New” to add new items
  • Rename ➡ Type the new name for the Space ➡ Save Changes
  • Change the color and avatar ➡ Choose a Space color and avatar
  • Duplicate ➡ Enter the name and other details ➡ Copy Space
  • Favorite / Unfavorite the Space
  • Templates ➡ You can save it as a template / browse to add new template / Update an existing template
  • Archive the Space
  • Sharing & Permissions ➡ Manage the Share and permission for the Space
  • Delete ➡ Type the Space name ➡ Delete Space
  • And that’s it!

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