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Customer Empathy

What is customer empathy?

Customer empathy is the ability to understand the needs and feelings of your customers. It’s about viewing things from your customer’s perspective. Product managers utilize customer empathy to create better product experiences.

Why Does Customer Empathy Matter?

Customer empathy is a skill that product managers use to design products that not only help users in completing a job but also blend with their whole workflow and way of life.

By empathizing with customers, product managers can anticipate customer needs as they understand them as human beings and not just users. 

The risks of ignoring customer empathy

The risks are real and substantial. In the absence of an empathetic approach, there could be high churn rates and low net promoter scores. More, the insights gathered could help PMs design new features, better UX, or product line extensions that would otherwise remain hidden. 

How is Customer Empathy Put into Practice?

  • Leverage your customer-facing staff
  • Collect user feedback
  • Bake customer empathy as one value into your product roadmap