How do I add a new task to an existing tasklist?

Learn how to add tasks to your list effortlessly.



The tasks here represent the actionable items or to-dos that you need to complete. By adding tasks to your Tasklist Manager, you create a clear record of what needs to be done.

To add a new task to the tasklist, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Your Tasklist Manager: Login to your dashboard, look for the 'Tasklist Manager'.
2. Choose Your Tasklist Template: You’ve got options:

  • “Checklist”: This template shows tasks as either the task is done or not done.
  • “Progressbar Checklist”: This template shows tasks completion percentage.

3. Customize Your Tasklist: Background Color: Update the number of items, defining how many items you wish to include in the checklist.

4. Add New Tasks: Fill the details of each item in the checklist. Each step should represent a part of the process or workflow you want to guide your users through.

  • Task Text: The text mentioning the step to be completed.
  • Task ID: Write a unique id name for each item. A window function would be called to check the status of this task item with the parameters. This function must return a value between 0 to 1, 1 means task is completed 100% and 0 means 0%. If function is not present then task is assumed to be completed.
  • Task Target Type: Determine upon clicking the floating bar, whether the link will open in a new window, the same window, or there will be no action.
  • Task Target: Specify the link to which the user would be redirected on clicking the item.

6. Finalize and Save: Click on “Save”. Your new task is now part of your tasklist.

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