How do I add a badge to multiple items in the announcement center at once?


Here’s how to add a badge to your announcement center:

  1. Open your “Announcement Center”. This is found in the main navigation bar of your dashboard.

  2. Navigate to your specific announcement. You’ll see a list of all your announcements, click on the one you want to add a badge to.

  3. Adjust the tab settings. Look for a section called ‘Tab Configuration’.

  4. Modify the suffix word. This is the word that will appear next to your badge. It could be ‘new’, ‘updated’, etc.

  5. Input the suffix count. This is the number of items the badge will appear on. Increase the count greater than 1 to add the badge on multiple items. 

  6. Hit “Save”. This will apply all the changes you’ve made.


Here is how the badge will appear on your announcement:




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