What’s the best way to add content to my announcement center?


Adding content to your announcement center is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Add content with relevant tag name. This tag name will help add content to your announcement later.

  2. Go to “Announcement Center”. This is found in the main navigation bar of your dashboard.

  3. Navigate to your specific announcement. You’ll see a list of all your announcements, click on the one you want to add content to.

  4. Look for a section called ‘Tab Configuration’.

  5. Here, you’ll see several fields to fill out:

    • Title of the Tab: This is the title that will appear at the top of the announcement.

    • Tag Name: Enter the tag you used for your content. This tab will fetch content using the given tag name. Note: You can only have one tag name per tab.

  6. Once you’ve filled out these fields, you’ll also see fields for ‘Suffix of the Content’ and ‘Suffix Count’. The suffix is the badge that appears at the end of the content line, and the suffix count is the number of items the suffix will appear on.

  7. After this, copy the function that appears. This function will trigger the announcement when the tab is clicked.

  8. Paste this function into the element on your website where you want the tab to appear.

  9. Hit “Save”.

Here is how the announcement will appear on the website:



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