How do I set up a tab in my announcement center?


Here’s how to set up a tab in your announcement center:

  1. Open your “Announcement Center”. This is found in the main navigation bar of your dashboard.

  2. Navigate to your specific announcement. You’ll see a list of all your announcements, click on the one you want to add a tab to.

  3. Look for a section called ‘Tab Configuration’.

  4. Here, you’ll see several fields to fill out:

    • Tab Title: This is the title that will appear on the tab. It will only show if there’s more than one tab in the announcement.

    • Tab Name: Content having this tag will be fetched

    • Suffix of the Content: This is the word that will appear at the end of the content line.

    • Suffix Count: This is the number of items the suffix will appear on.

  5. Hit 'Save'

Here is how the announcement will appear on the website.



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