How do I define segments and map them to specific tags within the helpbot widget?

Use segment mapping to make sure people see information that's relevant to them.


Faqprime’s Helpbot feature includes a segment mapping feature that allows you to customize the content displayed to different user segments.


Here’s a two-step process to set it up:

  1. Create Segments:

    • Go to the ‘Admin’ option in the right navigation of the Faqprime dashboard.
    • In the ‘Preferences’ tab, scroll down to the ‘Segmentation Configuration’ section.
    • Enter a list of segments (separated by commas) like new users, existing users, etc. Allowed characters are [A-Za-z0-9@,_ -]. ‘All’ is the default segment and would be added automatically.
    • Click on ‘Save’.
  2. Add Segment Mapping on Helpbot Widget:

    • Go to the ‘Helpbot Widget’ on the right navigation on the dashboard.
    • Next, go to the ‘Segment Tag Mapping’ tab. You will see the segments you have created earlier here.
    • Add the tags separated by commas to each segment of users. These tags fetch the content associated with it, that is, the tag mentioned while writing the content.
    • The Helpbot will then display content tagged as mentioned to the mentioned set of segmented users.
    • Click on 'Save Options'


And that's it!

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