When is it best to use a floating bar popup?

Use Cases of a Floating Bar Popup.


Use a Floating Bar Popup to prominently display your limited-time offer or discount code at the top or bottom of your website, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.


Here are use cases for floating bar popups:

  1. Email Signups: If you’re looking to grow your email list, a floating bar popup can be a great tool. You can place a simple form in the popup asking visitors to subscribe for updates or newsletters. For example, a blog site might have a floating bar saying, “Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates!” with a field for the email address and a submit button.

  2. Promoting Offers: If you have a special sale or offer, a floating bar popup can help ensure all visitors are aware of it. For instance, an e-commerce site might use a floating bar to announce a limited-time discount: “Flash Sale! Get 20% off all items with the code FLASH20.”

  3. Announcements: For important updates or news, a floating bar popup can be very effective. For example, a SaaS company might use a floating bar to announce a new feature: “New Feature Alert! We’ve just launched XYZ feature. Click here to try it out.”

  4. Guidance: If your users need some guidance or tips to navigate your website or use your product, a floating bar popup can be helpful. For example, on a complex platform, you might use a floating bar to give tips: “Tip: Use our advanced search to find what you’re looking for quickly.”

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