How can I create an announcement center?


Here’s how you can set up the announcement center:

1. Click on "Announcement center

2. Click on "Create new announcement"

3. Set the header configuration

  • Internal identification: Name to identify the announcement

  • Title: The title that will appear at the top of the announcement

  • Background color: The background color of the announcement 

  • Number of Tabs: The number of tabs/columns in the announcement 

4. Set the tab configuration: Add more tabs

  • Tab Title: This title will appear only when the number of tabs is more than 1

  • Tab name: Content having this tag will be fetched

  • Suffix of the Content: Suffix is the word that appears at the end of the content line

  • Suffix count: Number of items the suffix will appear on

5. Copy the function and paste it into the clickable element which would trigger the announcement

6. Click on "Save"


Here's how the announcement would appear:


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