How to enable contextual question appearance in the Widget?


Contextual Questions Appears on the widget based on the Tags which needs to get enabled in the Website. You can supply more then one tags saperated by comma. In case no question found in the supplied tags normal behaviour resume i.e. Most Trending Question shall be shown in the widget.


1. Normal WebEnvironment 

In the Head section of the Webpage add the following line -

<meta name="faqbot-tags" content="<your list of tags saperated by comma>">


2. Shopify Environment 

Step 1: Open the theme.liquid file and add the following lines in the head section. 

<meta name="faqbot-tags" content="{% if product.tags.size > 0 %} {{ product.tags | join: ", " }}

{% else %} No tags {% endif %}">

Step 2: Match the product tags with the FAQ tags to see the contextual post.

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