How to set the button color and bot color differently?


Our standard offerings provide the button color and background color as same however if you want to change it please follow the given procedure - 

Step 1: Set the faqbotColorCode as the background color of the bot. This process will make the bot and backgrond color as same which is background color of the BOT.

Step 2: Now modify the button color as follows - 

Class of the bot button is called faq-bot-button and faq-bot-button-right (when it appears at the right side).

Just modify this class after the whole widget code (after the JS code and JS file).



.faq-bot-button, .faq-bot-button-right {

background: #555 !important; // dont forget the !important 




Note: This is not the standard offerings of the FAQPrime. As the code is modified at the customer instance for local needs. If the class name is changed in the future then there would be an official announcement so that local changes can be modified based on local needs.