What’s the purpose of tracking progress in Tasklist Manager?

Use of a tasklist manager


The Tasklist Manager in Faqprime is primarily used for onboarding new users. It uses two types of checklists to guide users through new features and functionalities. The “Checklist” shows tasks in a completed or not completed format, while the “Progressbar Checklist” shows the completion percentage of each task. This helps users understand what they’ve learned and what they still need to explore.


  1. Checklist:

    • This type of checklist displays tasks in a straightforward format: either completed or not completed.
    • Quickly assess which tasks have been finished and which ones are still pending.
    • Ideal for a quick overview of your progress.
  2. Progressbar Checklist:

    • The second type of checklist offers a more detailed view.
    • It shows the completion percentage for each task.
    • Understand precisely how much work remains for each task.
    • Useful for tracking progress in-depth.
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