Can I customize the appearance of my tasklists?

Customizing the appearance of task lists to suit branding needs.



Customizing the checklist items and progress steps in your tasklist can really help guide your users through a process tailored to their needs.


Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to Tasklist Manager: You’ll find this in your right navigation menu.

  2. Go to My Campaigns: This is where you’ll find the tasklist you want to customize.

  3. Customize the Checklist Items: In the “Content” section, you can customize the items in your checklist. Each item represents a step in the process or workflow you’re guiding your users through.

  4. Customizing the Tasklist:

    • Bar Background Color: Choose the color for the background of the tasklist.

    • Text Color: Select the color of the text.
    • Title Text: Decide on the text that would be written on the top of the checklist.
    • Item Count: The number of items in the list
  5. Item Configuration: Fill the details of each item in the checklist. Each step should represent a part of the process or workflow you want to guide your users through.
    • Item Text: The text mentioning the step to be completed.
    • Item ID: Write a unique id name for each item. A window function would be called to check the status of this task item with the parameters. This function must return a value between 0 to 1, 1 means task is completed 100% and 0 means 0%. If function is not present then task is assumed to be completed.
    • Item Target Type: Determine upon clicking the item, whether the link will open; in a new window, the same window, or there will be no action.
    • Item Target: Specify the link to which the user would be redirected on clicking the item.
  6. Choose Your URLs: Make a list of URLs where this tasklist will appear. These are the pages on your website where you want the tasklist to be displayed.

  7. Save Your Changes: Once you’re happy with your checklist tasklist, click “Save”.

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