How do I change the active/inactive status of my popup?

Toggle between active and inactive status to control when the popup appears.


Activity status of an popup determines if the popup would appear on the erbsite or not. An ‘Active’ popup will be displayed on your site, while an ‘Inactive’ popup will not be displayed.


Here’s how you change the status of your popup:

  1. Navigate to the Popup Manager: From the right navigation menu in your Faqprime dashboard, go to the Popup Manager.

  2. Find the Popup You Want to Modify: In the ‘My Campaigns’ section, locate the popup whose status you wish to change.

  3. Change the Status: Look for the ‘Status’ option associated with the popup. Click on it to toggle between ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’.

    • Active: The popup is live on your site.
    • Inactive: The popup is not displayed on your site.
  4. Save Your Changes: After you’ve changed the status, save your changes.


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