How often should I show popups to visitors?

Determining the frequency of popups for visitors


The frequency at which you display popups to your visitors can significantly influence their experience on your site. 


Here are some factors to consider while deciding to show popups to visitors: 

  1. Purpose of the Popup: If the popup contains essential information, such as terms and conditions or cookie policies, it should be displayed to every visitor. However, if it’s for promotional purposes, a lower frequency may be more suitable.
  2. Visitor Behavior: Consider the behavior of your visitors. For new visitors, a welcome popup might be beneficial. For returning visitors, you might want to display popups less frequently to avoid causing annoyance.
  3. Timing: The timing of the popup also matters. It’s generally best to avoid displaying a popup immediately after a visitor arrives on your site. Allow them some time to engage with your content first.
  4. Frequency Cap: Set the reccurence time to limit the number of times a visitor sees a popup. This can help prevent overexposure and potential annoyance.
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