How to get Event Callback from Faqprime?

Faqprime Events

var faqbotEventType = {

FAQBOT_NORMALSTART: 1, // Event id for the normal start 

FAQBOT_HOTSTART: 2, // Event id for the hotspot

FAQBOT_TIMERINTENT: 3, // Event id for timer intent

FAQBOT_TIMERSTART: 4 // Event id for timer start

FAQBOT_CALENDERSTART: 5, // Event id the Calender Open

FAQBOT_ONBOARDING: 6, // Event id for the Onboarding Open

FAQBOT_CLOSE: 7 // Event id for the widget close



Faqprime Event Call Back:




eventarray with two elements 

eventarray.event, returns the event(faqbotEventType)

eventarray.url, returns the url on which event is initiated 


Sample Implementation

       function faqbotEventNotification(ev)

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