How to integrate checklist with a customer event?


When we configure the items in checklist each item shall be connected to the customer's backend to know if a specific task for the given user is completed or not. 

Faqprime uses the window function faqbotGetChecklistUpdate for this purpose which shall be defined by the customer. If function is not present then task is assumed to be completed. This function must return a value between 0 to 1, 1 means task is completed 100% and 0 means 0%. 

Function faqbotGetChecklistUpdate takes three parameters i.e. id, template_name, index. id is the identification id provided in the checklist against a task, template_name is the name of the template and index is the index of the task within the checklist (starting from 1) 



function faqbotGetChecklistUpdate(id, template_name, index) {
    if (id == "myid1")
        return 0;
        return 1;

In the above example, the task identified by myid1 is not completed and the remaining tasks are completed 100%.


If all tasks are completed for a given user then the checklist would not be shown. 

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