Where can I use a Callout message?

Understanding the usage of Callout messages


A Callout Message is a short, engaging message that pops up over the Helpbot widget on your website. It’s designed to initiate a conversation by prompting users to interact with the Helpbot.


Here are some places where you can use a Callout Message:

  1. Customer Support: A Callout Message can be used to proactively offer help to users. For example, it could say, “Need help? Feel free to ask me any questions!”

  2. User Engagement: To encourage users to interact with the Helpbot, the Callout Message could be something interactive like, “Hello! What can I assist you with today?”

  3. Product Promotion: If you want to highlight a new product or feature, the Callout Message could say, “Have you checked out our new feature? Ask me about it!”

  4. Guidance: If there’s a common question or issue that many users have, a Callout Message can provide guidance. For example, “Stuck with the setup? I’m here to guide you.”

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