How can I add apps or add-ons to my AssistPanel?

Setting Up Your Product Assist in Faqprime



    Faqprime’s AssistPanel is a versatile tool that allows you to add various apps or add-ons to enhance your user onboarding experience.


    Here’s how you can add apps or add-ons to your AssistPanel:

    1. Navigate to Product Assist: Start by going to Product Assist from the right navigation menu in your Faqprime dashboard.

    2. Set your AssistPanel Preferences: Here, you can activate the AssistPanel, set its availability on mobile devices, and choose its position (right or left).

    3. Set your AssistPanel Properties: Customize the AssistPanel to suit your needs. You can set the icon size (big or small), adjust the top spacing (in pixels), and choose a background color (in Hex).

    4. Add Apps/Add-ons to your AssistPanel: Enhance your AssistPanel by adding apps or add-ons. Here’s how:

      • Click on the ➕ button to add a new app or add-on.
      • Fill in the details for the app or add-on, including the icon and functions.
      • Specify the ‘Target Function/Target Page’ to indicate which app or addon the task is associated with.
      • Set the availability of the app or add-on on all pages, one page, or a few pages.
      • Enter the URL Segment/URL of the app or add-on.
    5. Deleting an App/Add-on: If you need to delete an app or add-on, simply leave all the fields on the row blank and it will be deleted when you save your options.

    6. Save Your Options: Once you’ve made all your changes, don’t forget to click on ‘Save Options’. Your AssistPanel is now set up and ready to use!


    You can add as many apps or add-ons as you need, allowing you to customize your AssistPanel to best suit your users’ needs. 


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