What is a product tour?


A product tour is a sequence of interactive steps designed to guide users through the key features and functionality of a product. Similar to a virtual assistant, product tours can be used to onboard users, promote new features, and provide interactive guidance to ensure a positive user experience.

Product tours are typically presented within the product interface, often as a series of tooltips or callouts, and can be triggered by various user actions such as clicking on a help icon or visiting a certain page. By providing a guided tour of the product's capabilities, product tours can help users quickly understand the product's value proposition and become proficient in using its features.

Like Google often uses product tours as a way to introduce new features or changes to their products, such as the "Welcome to New Gmail" tour that was introduced when they revamped their email service. These tours are designed to be engaging and interactive, providing users with a hands-on experience of the product's capabilities while showcasing its value proposition.

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