Google Analytics: Track how visitors interact with Faqprime HelpOS products

Gain insights into how Faqprime influences your visitors


By integrating Google Analytics, you can track Faqprime products’ impact on your visitor behavior and conversions. You’ll see key Faqprime events in Google Analytics, including when visitors:

  • Open or close a Faqprime product
  • Upvote or downvote a question
  • Search using auto-complete or enter key
  • Viewed content, time spent, and what website they come from
  • Started an automation skills app
  • Took an action (pop-ups, announcement center) and more..


How to install Faqprime GA code 

It's easy to integrate - you just need to paste this script (JS code) after your GA/Gtag code. In GA dashboard "Event Category: shall display the Faqprime Product Name, "Event Action: will show the Faqprime Event Name and "Event Action: will show the "URL, UC, Payload" etc. 

Note:  Set the UC (user context) as per the Faqprime analytics event-driven streaming API 

Sample Integration Code (JS) 

function FaqprimeTrackEventGA(Category, Action, Label, Value, Ob) {
        "use strict";
        if (typeof (gtag) !== "undefined") {
                gtag('event', 'faqprime-events', {"event_category":Category, "event_label":Label, "event_action": Action, "event_uc":Value, "event_payload":Ob});
        } else if (typeof (ga) !== "undefined") {
                ga('send', 'event', Category, Action, Label, Value, Ob);
function faqbotEnumObjectString(xyz, pid){
        for (var key in xyz) {
                if (xyz.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
                        if (xyz[key] == pid)
                                return key;
function faqbotEventAnalyticsUpdate(event) {
    var payload;
    switch (typeof event.payload)
        case 'object':
            var data = "";                
            for(key in event.payload) 
        		data = data + key + ":" + event.payload[key] + "_";
            payload = data;
            payload = event.payload;
    FaqprimeTrackEventGA(faqbotEnumObjectString(faqbotProductType, event.product), faqbotEnumObjectString(faqbotEvType, event.event),  [event.url, event.uc, payload]);


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