Send In-app messages on your website

Proactively reach out to visitors of your website based on where they are and the time they'd spent.


Here’s how to create in-app messages that help you engage with your visitors and drive conversions or a specific action.

  • Login to your Faqprime dashboard
  • Go to widget settings
  • Click on the custom trigger
  • Enter the page URL or URL segment
  • Enter the content ID that you wish to trigger
  • Enter the time in (seconds) when the message should pop up
  • Save 

Faqprime in-app contextual push messaging

The different use cases where you can create in-app messages contextual to your users' current location on your website: 

  • Want to start a conversation? or maybe you want feedback from your customers about a specific feature or overall collection available on your e-commerce store! 
  • Want your users to take action like participate in an ongoing poll where you are giving free gifts to the winners.
  • Want your users to have a quick update or announcement. 
  • Want to push the discounts or coupon codes to improve the conversions.
  • Want your customers to proactively get updated about a particular product's delivery timelines.


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