I am looking to reduce the support load/tickets on my app/website.


Faqprime acts as your 24/7 automated support team, intelligently delivering in-app help to the right customer at the right time, and actively deflecting incoming support tickets up to 50% tickets on average.

  • Faqprime assistant being embedded within your app/website is accessible by the users without leaving the context they’re currently working on. That means less friction, better user experience and more deflected tickets.
  • Google-like search experience (including the auto-suggest) reduces the customer effort being consistent with their normal search experience. Thus, getting the users to their answers asap and reducing the overall incidences of raising a support ticket.
  • The assistant offers the ability to contextualize support content depending on the page they are on.
  • The powerful insights about the performance/quality of your support content can really help you find out where your support content is doing a good job and where it’s not. And accordingly, you can improvise the content.
  • The search intelligence provides the data-backed content ideas that you can use to proactively create support content to further optimize your ticket deflection rate.