Enabling contextual content on certain pages (URL) of your site

In some cases, you may want to display the contextual content on particular pages/URLs of your site. 

This can be done by creating a URL-Tag map (e.g. my-page:mytag). You can add as many URL-Tags by separating it by a comma.

For example:

if you want to show the contextual content in the assistant with tag "mytag" on a page which contains "my-page" in its URL.  The URL-Tag map may look like this  var faqbotUrlTagMap = ['my-page:mytag', 'your-page:yourtag'];

To enable URL Segment based contextual setting, please paste the following code at the end of the Faqbot code:


var faqbotUrlTagMap = ['<urlsegment>:<tag-name>', '<urlsegment>:<tag-name>'];


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